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Anglo Irish vs Zulus

A Headless Body Production

Venue:   Lancaster Host, Lancaster Pennsylvania.
Event:    HMGS's Cold Wars
Players: Phil Gardocki running Anglo Irish
                  Matt Kollmer, running Zulus.
Game System: Warrior Ancients 1200 point Tournament, Round 3

There is a perfect gem of a motel, two miles away, the Cherry Lane Motor Lodge, that exceeded expectations in almost every way.  It is reasonably close, quiet, inexpensive and takes AARP, and face it, that's most us.   It has none of that smell we have come to expect from ramshackle hotels on route 30.  My stay impressed me enough to take the time to post a write up about them one one of my other blogs.  If you are interested, it is here.

Back to the game.
The Forces:
The Anglo-Irish, Late Period
Commander with 5 Reg 'B', SHK,
Monty Python's Knights of the Round Table, 6 Reg 'B', SHK
Irish Nobles, 6 Irreg 'B', 1/2 HK, 1/2 HC
Irish Horse, 4 Irreg 'C', JLS, SH

Galloglaich, 2 units of 16 Irreg 'B', 1/2 HI 1/2 MI, 2HCW, JLS, D
           List rule, always fights a rank and half.  Can counter charge if willing, can            
           counter charge impetuously if eager.
Longbow, 1 unit of 48 Reg'D', MI, 1/2 LB, Sh, 1/2 LB, unemplaced stakes.
Bonnachts, 1 unit of 36 Irreg'C' LMI, 1/3 2HCW, JLS, SH, 1/3 JLS, SH, 1/3 JLS
            Capable of skirmish, shield wall and barbarian rush rules.
Kerns, 2 units of Irreg 'C', 1/2 S, SH, 1/2 JLS
Bombards, 1 unit of 2, Reg'C', each with 4 crew.
1199 points, 13 scouting points

CIC with  7 Reg'A' LMI, HTW, JLS, Sh
1 unit 8
Reg'A' LMI, HTW, JLS, Sh
2 units 24 Reg'C' LMI, HTW, JLS, Sh
5 units 16 Reg'B' LMI, HTW, JLS, Sh
1 unit of 16 Irreg'C' LI, B, Sh
1 unit of 8 Irreg'C' LI, JLS, Sh

All Light Medium Infantry, but with a twist, they have a special formation where they always count as in skirmish and so are practically immune to missile fire.

A note on special rules and formations.
There are complaints about list rules, and special abilities.  It usually goes like this, "I wouldn't mind special abilities if they paid for them, but these are free."  To that I point out, just about every figure type has special abilities.  Shielded close order troops had Orb, some have Testudo, Loose order foot and most cavalry have Skirmish.  It's hard to find a troop type that doesn't have special abilities.

It's all about the play balance.  What has been happening over the last 20+ years has been a steady arms race up-gunning various figure types and lists.  But this only goes one way.  Nothing is never downgraded, so we have the Superman effect, where the villains have to get stronger in order to challenge the Man of SteelConsidering this has gone on for over 20 years, I have to say the powers-that-be have done a good job of keeping things from spiraling out of control.

I remember noting back in the nineties after wedge was removed, and all lancers were now a rank and a half, and barbarian foot kept rank and a half on subsequent bounds, that the logical progression was for Halberds to be a rank and a half as well.  Then where would we go?  I was told, "Yeah, that will never happen."  And now, many 2HCT units have list rules granting them just that.

My list had some major shuffling this year.  Walter Leech convinced me to buy a set of figures based on Monty Python's Knights of the round table, viewable here:  Once I had them, I had to play them.  

But the Anglo Irish list is not easily adjustable.  To add a unit of Knights where there were none before is hard to do.  You see, the minimum requirements for the Anglo-Irish army is considerable, possibly higher than any other army.  12 elements each of Longbow, Irish Foot, and Kerns.  Then a minimum of 2 elements of Irish Cavalry and counting the CIC, that is 39 elements you must pay for before you can get to the goodies of the list.  To shoe horn 124 points of knights into a 1200 list, well something must go.

Then I also made a decision to break out the bombards.  I know they are useless, and they proved so yet again, but they look good in the pictures, so I added them.  While my main foot units, the Galloglaich, were pared away to make room  for the interlopers. 

The Board:
The board had 5 pieces of terrain, fairly evenly distributed.  Two hills on the Zulu side of the board, one is all steep, and an excellent defensive spot.  On the Anglo-Irish side as a bent rise.  A good spot for the bombards.
The coast line is really just making the edge of the board, as this was only a 1200 point fight, and the table is only 6 feet wide vice 8.
Possibly the best scratch built camp at the tournament.  Matt sculpted the elephant skulls himself.  Oh and a bunch of Zulus about to take position of a steep hill.  That pretty much secures his right flank.
And the rest of the Zulus.  He likes deep columns.  That usually means he is planing to maneuver them.

Close to the edge Clan and Kern Ramsay.

Supported by Irish Light Horse, and Irish (HK) Lancers.

It's a tiny rise, but still good enough for the bombards.
Bonnachts and the Galloglaich of Clan O'Lyre are to the left of the Bombards.
And holding the left flank, 48 Longbow, stakes in hand.
Turn 1:
Having the initiative, the Zulus take control of the hill.  But most of their army marches left.  That is fine, I don't want to mess with that hill anyway.
The Irish advance confidently.
A bit of light on light action.  Slingers vs. Bow.
The Irish Light Horse charge once, the Zulu lights pass their waver and run away.  So much for an opportunity for a quick kill.
Turn 2:
One Impi tries to sneak around the flank.  But the Kerns in ambush there will have none of that.  The Zulu Impi passes waver, and turns.
I am not sure what the Zulus are planing here, but the Irish are game for it!
Well there is a mistake, the Irish Light Horse should have recalled on bound 1, now they will pay the price, about 11 CPF if I recall.  The Irish Lancers pivot left to support the Galloglaich Clan Ramsay.
The Kerns run short, and it is all over but the screaming.
The Irish Light Horse recalls with 11 fatigue.  Break out the Guinness Stout.

Zulus take a shot from the Bombards, 8 at a 4, minus 2 for their list rule formation, for 16, plus 6 darts and that is 22, or only 1 CPF.  The Galloglaich Clan O'Lyre is caught in a column, but counter-charges impetuously.  List rules run bot ways.  The Irish General decides to commit early and makes a staff move that will allow him to charge next turn.
Turn 3:
Taking advantage of being regular, the Longbow turn and face the flanking Impi.
The Bonnachts hold firm, going into shield wall.  They can be patient to see the results of the fight between Clan O'Lyre and their Impi.
Clan Ramsay braces for impact.  They are not eager anymore, as the are unsupported and enemy behind flank.
Advancing in the light of GOD, The Knights of the Round Table come up to support position of the Bonnachts.
The Irish General charges, and the threat of the Impi is no more!
Clan Ramsay is charged, counter charges, and muffs the die roll.
The Zulu Impi rolls an up 2, and recoil Clan Ramsay Disordered.  But the Zulus do not follow up.
What was missed here was a charge of the Irish (HK) Lancers in the red tabards.  Impacting a 24 figure Impi, rolled up, and was on the more, doing 60 to a 20 man unit, sending them routing through the main Zulu Lines. Waver checks were made, but only the Zulu Lights failed.

Turn 4:

High drama on the left!  The Longbowmen put out their stakes.
The Knights had done their best, but were speared for 5 CPF, charged, took 3 and destroyed.  Clan Ramsay, disordered by its last combat, received a charge as shieldless mediums and was also destroyed.
Off in the distance, the Irish General continues his pursuit.
However, the bombards now have a great shot.  16 at a 2 for 32, which was only 1 CPF.
Turn 5:

The Longbow men are charged both front and flank. They recoil the Impi disordered, but are also recoiled disordered in turn.

By being in shield wall, the Bonnachts win their fight, and another Zulu Impi is sent running.

Clan O'Lyre try to avenge Clan Ramsay.
Kern Ramsay, shaken from what happened to Clan Ramsay, are trying to just get off the board.
Turn 6:

In a cascade of disasters, Clan O'Lyre and the Bombards are destroyed.  That's 5, and one away from being demoralized.

The CIC, having pursued for 3 turns, is deep in enemy territory, and in deep shit as well.
With that flank charge on the CIC's flank, that will be six, and a win for the Zulus.

A very good game from a very competent player.  The Zulus had 4 units broken or shaken to the Irish 6.  The final score was 4-2.

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  1. Great game... I think the Junglingen beer was the deciding factor....
    You know when Zulu's are juiced up...... they are in high octane.....
    Love the pics....