Monday, April 17, 2017

Anglo-Irish vs. Sparta

A Headless Body Production

Location:  Regency at Providence Community Center, Phoenixville, Pa
Event:        Providence Gamer's Game Knight
Players:     Phil Gardocki and Garth Parker, playing the Anglo-Irish
                      Bruce Potter and Jenny Parker playing Sparta

Theme:   Bruce has new Hoplite Greeks mounted, and wanted to show them off.
Game System: L'Art de la Guerre, about 240 points per side.

The Forces:
Anglo-Irish, led by the lumpish fool-born foot-licker, but brilliant, Larry, and the wither'd like an old apple-john and barely competent, Darryl.
      6 Galloglaich, Heavy Swordsmen, 2HW (elite)
      2 Heavy Knights, Impact (elite)       
      6 Longbowmen,stakes
      2 Irish Nobles, Heavy Cavalry
      2 Light Cavalry, Javelin
      2 Kerns, Light Infantry, Javelin 
      4 Irish Foot, Javelinmen, Javelin
       Break point,  25

Sparta, led by the Strategist Brasidas, and the Brilliant Stavros
     11 Hoplites, Heavy Spearmen, Armor, 2HW ( 8 elite)
      4 Light Infantry Bow, (2 elite) 
      2 Brasidas, Medium Spearmen (elite)
      3 Scouts, Light Infantry Javelin 
      3 Horsemen Medium Cavalry (elite)
      3 Peltasts, Javelinmen, Javelin
       Break point,  27

The Greeks deployed in a solid line, and in a unified fashion.  The Anglo-Irish Generals also reverted to type, and each set up like the other command didn't exist. 
The Greek line is formed up true to type.  Half the Anglo-Irish is deployed to meet them.
The other half seems to have deployed where they fell in a drunken collapse the night before.
This is the first run of the Bruce's Greeks.
While the figures of representing the Anglo-Irish were tired and worn out when I bought them about 15 years ago.  And they have suffered much since.
Next to the United Airlines passenger removal fiasco, this might have been the 2nd worse brain fart of the week.  Starting the deployment in 5 groups.  Larry is relying on being brilliant and ambushes to pull this off. 
Turn 1:
The first ambush is revealed.  Two Javelinmen and a unit of Longbow hiding behind the hill.

The Galloglaich command spends 2 command points and double times towards a perceived weak left flank.  The Knights move as well.  That spends the 4 command points Larry rolled.
Darryl rolls 3 command points and advances in an orderly fashion.
The one major advantage of the Irish is it's cavalry, with Knights and Heavy Cavalry.  The Greek Cavalry decide this is a bad match and is pulled out of the line, to perform a flanking maneuver behind the lines.
The Spartans march in perfect formation, with two units forming a "refused flank" to meet the other half of the Irish forces, should they ever get there.
Turn 2:
Facing only Medium Foot, albeit spear armed, the Irish Cavalry leaps forward.  If they can turn the flank before the main infantry lines collide, this can go well.
The Irish foot comes to Longbow range and stops.  The rain of arrows ensues, disordering several Greek units.
On the right, Irish foot advance, but they don't want to turn the flanks on Greek ambush markers.
Heavy Knights and Heavy Cavalry form a joint between the two Irish foot commands.  Note, the four figures in the middle, next to the green Heavy Cavalry, are Heavy Knights, represented by Monty Python and the Holy Grail figures.  Two knights and two bearers with coconuts.  For a better view, click on the this link for Medieval Mayhem.

From left to right, Longbow, Javelinmen, Javelinmen, Heavy Knights, Heavy Cavalry.  It is looking like the Irish are going to snap off this flank as well.
The Spartans are undaunted.  They have seen this all before.  Maneuver as much as you want, and when we get there, you will die.
Turn 3:
The Irish get a little too close, and the Heavy Cavalry gets dinged by javelins for it.
Volley after volley.  More Hoplites pick up hits.
But the Spartans have a distressingly long overlap.
Wanting the Galloglaich to lead the charge, the Irish Cavalry holds back.  The Spartans are happy with that.
This is one very poorly managed advance.
Turn 3:
A general charge down the line.  The Greek Light Infantry run off.  Sir Robin and Sir Gawain plough their opponents under.  The Irish Light Cavalry break even, while the Heavy Cavalry takes another hit.
The Athenian Hoplites continue to take hits from arrow fire.
On the Irish right, the line is finally looking ok.
Two Greek ambushes are revealed. 
At the bottom of the turn, the fight continues.  The Irish Light Horse destroy their opponent, but the Irish Heavy Horse is crushed as well.  The Greek Cavalry is turned around in an effort to save the flank.
Giving the Hoplites time to do what they do best.  Even though disordered, Hoplites kill Bowmen.
The Galloglaich, now get their turn as well, and win all 3 of their matches.
The Spartans can see there are enough Hoplites to do the job, and break off 4 elite units to face the other Irish command.
The overall view of the Irish right flank at the bottom of the 3rd.
Turn 4:
The Longbowmen laughed.  All the way till the point of the spears reached their lines.  3 Longbow down.  The current demoralization levels are Irish 10 points, Sparta 14.
It's all up to the dice gods now, at this point numbers matter more than quality.  And "quality" is somewhat even.  Spartans and Galloglaich are elite, and Greek Armor effectively cancels Galloglaich 2 handed weapons.
Irish Bonnachts approach to Javelin distance but failed score.  The one hit on the Spartan Hoplite was from the Longbow last turn.  But this also to covers the flanks of the knights.
A flurry through the books, to the question, "Can Bowmen charge Light Infantry"?  Yes, Charge!  One Greek Light Foot runs off the board.  But it came at a cost, as the Galloglaich are still not in position to charge the Spartans.
Sorry for the blurry shot.  The Spartans execute a quick march charge, rolling a 6 on the chase.  The Javelinmen flee safely, but the Longbowmen are caught.
Galloglaich are flanked on their left, but the right is still holding.
The Greek Cavalry have flanked the flankers.
Turn 5:
The Greek Light Infantry manage to shoot away a Longbow. 
A Hoplite falls to Irish Heavy Cavalry, but the other holds back the Knight charge.
Another Longbow is destroyed.  That is 5 out of 6.
Not 1, but 2 Hoplites are fall to Galloglaich Axes. 
And what was originally a brilliant scheme to turn the Spartan flank has devolved into a opportunity charges everywhere.  Monty Python Knights engage a disordered Hoplite.  Javelinmen hold their own against Greek Medium Cavalry.  The Irish Light Horse, which started by charging a Hoplite flank, is blithely smacked down like a bastard step-child.

The Game was called on time here.  I don't recall the score, but the Anglo-Irish pulled a minor win here.

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