Monday, November 25, 2013

AAR Warrior, Huns Invade Ireland

The second game of the Déjà vu weekend set Rich Kroupa's Huns against my Anglo Irish. 

A Headless Body Production
Location: Lancaster Host Convention Center
Event:      Fall In
Venue:     2013 Mini
Players:   Phil Gardocki, Anglo-Irish
                 Rich Kroupa, Hun
Game:      Warrior, 1200 points

I don't have the list.  They had over 150 scouting points!
Lots of LC, B units backed by HC, L, Sh
2  Franks,  16 Irreg 'C', MI, HTW, Sh

Anglo Irish
An Inspired CIC 6 Irreg'B', HK L Sh
A Rash Ally 6 Irreg'B', HK L Sh
2 Galloglaich (Clans Ramsay and O'Lyre) Irreg'B', 32 HI, 2HCW, JLS, D
1 Bonnachts Irreg'C', 36 LMI, 2HCW, JLS, Sh
2 Longbow Reg 'D', 16 MI LB Sh Stakes
1 Lights Irreg'C', 8 LC JLS, Sh
2 Kerns Irreg'C', 16 LI 1/2 S, 1/2 JLS, Sh

The Venue:
Fall In, 2013 at the Lancaster Host Convention Center.  This is the second round of the Warrior Mini.

The Board:
The board only had 1 piece of terrain that discomforted cavalry at all, a small wood.  Since the Anglo-Irish were out scouted 7-1, it was on the Hun side of the board and of no hindrance what so ever.

The Anglo left side of the board.  A large brushy hill is in the forefront and will be key to the Anglo-Irish defense.

The Anglo right side of the board.  Several gentle hills that hinder cavalry not one wit.
While the brush doesn't slow cavalry down, it does disorder them on charge, and prevents the waver check that Light Medium Infantry must make when receiving a cavalry charge.  So I deployed my large unit of Bonnachts there with a unit of Light Infantry slingers. 
Special Generals are permitted in this tourney, and Anglo-Irish CIC rolls a 6!  He is "Inspirational", This means his body guard gets an additional +1 in melee, all units withing 120 paces are eager, and he gets 20 prompt points each turn.  

The Bonnachts being large and in decent cover will not yield this piece of terrain to anything less than a serious attacking force.  Once again, the Light Infantry Kerns are being represented by only 12 of the 16 figures I paid for.  Something about tea time.
To the Bonnacht's right, 32 Galloglaich of Clan Ramsay.  To their right, supporting Longbow, with stakes already deployed.

To their right, Clan O'Lyre supported by 12 of their 16 Kerns.

Bound 1
The hanging flank of the Bonnachts proves to be too much of a lure, and the Huns approach to threaten it.  The Anglo Ally General approaches the Huns at long range.  He has no chance of catching them, and I don't want him hanging out to face counter charges.  The knights charge causing the Huns to flee.  Then the knights rally back, securing the Bonnacht flank.

Both Huns and Knights approach on the Bonnacht left flank.
Clan Ramsey compresses an element to avoid disorder by the brushy hill.
The Longbow pick up their stakes as there is no one to shoot at, and no one that can seriously threaten them anyway.
Charge, flee, recall.
Bounds 2 and 3:
Not a lot happening.   Huns are tying to approach for good missile shots.  Anglo Irish adjusting their lines to prevent saturation at any point.  The Huns realize that they are not going to push the Bonnachts off of that hill easily and commit a second unit of Heavy Cavalry to deal with the Knight flank guard.  But they have an on board flanking maneuver aiming for the right flank.  The Huns have two 16 man units of Franks, with Heavy Throwing Weapons (HTW) that they hope to crush the Anglo-Irish right flank with.
The Ally Knights stand pat in the face of 2 Heavy Cavalry units.
Bound 4:
Time to throw the Huns off balance.  CIC waves his banner, changing the orders to attack.  The Huns are still trying to draw out the Ally General.  This time with a Heavy Cavalry unit.  The Bonnachts leave their hill for an opportunity to engage the HC as well.  Off on the right, the Anglo-Irish Commander is close enough for his inspiration to negate all the causes of unease on the Bonnachts.

The Franks continue their march onto the Anglo-Irish right flank.  Their efforts to set up a simultaneous charge being frustrated by the Kern Light Infantry.
The Ally and his knights were dispersed to the winds by a combination of multiple charges and missile fire.  The Bonnacht flank is now exposed.
Bound 5:
Huns begin their final closing.

Why is the Hun camp moving around in the back field?  Because it can!

The Kerns on the right flank are charged by cavalry.  They fail their waver check and run away.  Despite their efforts, it looks like the Franks are going to charge in sync anyway.
The second bolster for the left flank fails.  The longbow unit saw the banner fall of their general and shook.  The Huns then charged, causing them to rout.  The Light Infantry Kerns on the hill are the last layer protecting the flank.
The Franks hit home.  Clan O'Lyre muffs the melee die roll and is recoiled disordered.  The Franks are tired and disordered as well, but nothing is going to stop a break from occurring next bound.
The game was called on time at this point.  I gave Rich Clan O'Lyre for points.  The Galloglaich could still beat the Franks even though they had a one point advantage, but as they were also going to take a flank charge from a cavalry unit, for another 47 points, which would have killed them, whisking away the Kerns, and probably the Longbow unit they were adjacent to.  The end result was a 5-0 win for the Huns.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Déjà vu Weekend Anglo-Irish vs. Neo Assyrian

What is that smell?  If it is manure then this must be Lancaster, and if the leaves are dropping then this must be Fall In.  This is the first of 3 AAR's I'll be posting of an event I am going to call the Déjà vu weekend.  As my opposing armies were the same 3, Neo-Assyrian, Hunnic, Moldavian, on the same tables, 5,3, 1, in the same order, both days. 

A Headless Body Production
Location: Lancaster Host Convention Center
Event:      Fall In
Venue:     2013 Mini
Players:   Phil Gardocki, Anglo-Irish
                 Fred Stratton, Neo-Assyrian
Game:      Warrior, 1200 points

CIC Heavy Chariots, with a crew of 1 with Bow, 2 with JLS
2 units of 2 Heavy Chariots with a crews of 1 with Bow, 2 with JLS
Several units of 16 or 24 LMI JLS, D, Sh
2 units of EHC L, B
2 units of LC, B
1 unit of 36 Irreg 'C' LMI, JLS, Sh
1 unit of 36 Irreg 'E' LMI, B

Anglo Irish
A Bleeding CIC 6 Irreg'B', HK L Sh
A Rash Ally 6 Irreg'B', HK L Sh
2 Galloglaich (Clans Ramsay and O'Lyre) Irreg'B', 32 HI, 2HCW, JLS, D
1 Bonnachts Irreg'C', 36 LMI, 2HCW, JLS, Sh
2 Longbow Reg 'D', 16 MI LB Sh Stakes
1 Lights Irreg'C', 8 LC JLS, Sh
2 Kerns Irreg'C', 16 LI 1/2 S, 1/2 JLS, Sh

The Venue:
Fall In, 2013 at the Lancaster Host Convention Center.  This is the first round of the Warrior Mini.

The Board:
The boards main feature was a "minor water feature" dominating the right flank.  Its depth was determined to be a 6, which slows all troops, and is impassable to wheels.  The minor water had a large marsh that went with it.  On the left flank was a woods and a steep hill.

The Anglo-Irish Left Flank. A steep and brushy hill across the field from the woods.
The Anglo-Irish right flank.  A minor water feature astride a marsh dominates the flank.
A more pulled back shot of most of the board.

The Special Generals Table was in play for this tourney, and I opt to roll for my CIC. For this round, and for 4 of the next 5 rounds, I rolled a bleeder.  Meaning he is prone to a catastrophe on a down 2 roll instead of a down 3.

The board is pretty good for me.  Nice area to deploy my Galloglaichs between the woods and the stream.  My flanks should be easy to hold.  In the woods are the 36 man Bonnacht unit.  They are not going to be easily forced.   I issued Wait orders to my CIC Command, and Hold orders to the Ally.

The center Neo-Assyrians are deployed to defend the chicken salad sandwich.
Anglo-Irish left flank.  Bonnachts dominate the woods.  Long Bow just to their right, Clan O'Lyre, with 32 Galloglaich to their right.  A unit Slingers are forward deployed, providing a screen for the Light Cavalry, which I intend to go swat a Assyrian 4 figure Light Cavalry Unit.  The Ally General's Heavy Knights are positioned to provide support where needed.

Anglo-Irish right flank.  From left to right. 4 elements of Long Bow, 8 elements of Galloglaich.  The Slingers are defending the stream, while the CIC Heavy Knights are positioned to provide support where needed.

The Assyrian right flank.  A pair of heavy chariots, a unit of Light Cavalry, a large unit of 36 LMI JLS, and a 16 man LMI JLS, D, Sh unit.

The Assyrian left flank facing Clan Ramsay.  Looks like the a Heavy Chariot, 2 Extra Heavy Cavalry units, 36 Irreg 'E' bowman, and forcing the stream, a unit of LI, LMI and LC.

Bound 1:
Initially I thought to engage the 4 man Assyrian Light Cavalry unit on my far left flank with my 8 man Light Cavalry unit, but Fred would close the gap too quickly and my boys would be trapped. So I opened a hole with my Long Bow unit for them to retire through, and eventually, through a combination of retirements and marches, would lead them to my right flank, to counter all the troops Fred was forcing the stream with.

Seeing their superior mobility, the Assyrians took the roll of aggressor and advanced across the field.
The Assyrians approach my Kerns and darken the skies with darts, disordering the boyos.  Looks like I cheated myself.  There should have been 16 LI in that unit, not 12.  They must of overslept.  Typical Irish.

Bound 2: 
More general advance by the Assyrians.  The Anglo-Irish, with Wait and Hold orders, are waiting patiently for them to get close.

The other unit Kerns will trade shoots with Assyrian archers, while the Assyrian Light Cavalry look for a spot to ford.  This would be a long task, as it will take two bounds to cross, one to clear and recover their order.  So the LC won't be effective till bound 4 or 5.

The Ally General rushes around the woods to face down the Heavy Chariots, and provide flank support for the Bonnachts.

The Kerns in the center take a Light Cavalry charge in the teeth and are recoiled.  But their mission was successful as the Irish Light Cavalry slips away.

Bound 3:
Time to change orders.  The Anglo CIC waves his banner, changing his command to Attack!.  The Ally is out of sight, and so must be prompted to go to attack.  Being a Rash General, he bumps his orders to Rush, but the distance keeps those orders from taking effect till bound 4. 

Clan Ramsay is adjusting his position away from the stream.  The Assyrians are giving them plenty of time to do so.
The Ally General took 2 CPF, and charged the Heavy Chariots, who flee.  He missed catching them by a half an inch.  As his orders had not changed yet, he was allowed to recall.

The Kerns continue to fight the Light Cavalry.  Clan O'Lyre is taking advantage of the cover to adjust it's position in the line by compressing 2 elements.

Bound 4:
The action is now heating up.  The stream is getting forced, the Bonnachts in the wood, now with rush orders, started going after their opposing LMI unit.  The Kerns in the center were destroyed, forcing the Assyrian Light Cavalry to rally forward and giving an opportunity to cause a couple of wavers on the Assyrians if the Anglos can damage the Light Cavalry.  The Assyrians start to push the defending Kerns off of the water feature, turning the flank of the Anglos.  But the Anglos saw this coming and had re-positioned their line away from the crossing sites.

The Kerns have taken all they can and are destroyed.  Leaving the Assyrian Light Cavalry vulnerable to a good short range shot from the Long Bow.  Fortune favored them though as the Assyrian Light Cavalry passed their waver check. Clan O'Lyre trades missiles against an Assyrian infantry unit.  The results are zero-zero.

Bound 5:
We were approaching the 2.5 hour time limit, and nothing conclusive has yet happened.  The only thing that can be resolved is the fight in the middle pitting Galloglaich Clan O'Lyre against a 24 man Assyrian Infantry unit and a Heavy Chariot unit.  Missiles fly as and Clan O'Lyre takes 1 cpf, while the Assyrian's take 2.  They must take a waver check or hold.  The Assyrian General needs the infantry to charge with the chariots or the chariots will have to charge in alone, which is a bad idea.  He orders the infantry to charge and rolls a 1, causing them to shake.  

The Galloglaich charges the Assyrians, who pass their second morale check and stand.  The Heavy Chariots, also charge, but the Galloglaich charge is not canceled.  Then Clan O'Lyre roll a down 4 on melee, which comes up to a down 3 for being 'B's, and only do 48 to the Assyrians while taking 12 in return which fail to break the Assyrian Infantry, which break off safely away. 

The Bonnachts, receive a cavalry charge from the Assyrians, and repulse them. 

Clan O'Lyre charges the shaken Assyrian Infantry and the Heavy Chariots, but muff their melee roll with a down 4, and only recoil the infantry but not the chariots.

Clan Ramsay charges the Assyrian LMI, who escape.

While the LC retired on bound 1 faces the Assyrian flank attackers.

Time ran out here.  The net result was some thing like 77, for half a Assyrian Infantry unit, to 65, for a destroyed Kern unit.  So the game ended in a 1-1 tie.