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AAR Warrior: Teutonic Knights vs. Islamic Persians

Teutonic Knights vs. Islamic Persians
It was a bright and sunny day in Northern Persia.  The Persian army was equipped and heading for the ancestral homeland of their most hated foe, the Persians.  Scouts had reported initially of a fleeing Golden Horde army followed by large clouds of dust.  So, our greatest enemy has already been in one fight this season, so much the better!
We camped an awaited our foe to arrive in an area that seemed good to us.  Both our left and right flanks were covered by trees, and 2 large rocky depressions dominated the center.  The broken tree line extended to our opponents mustering area, and partially covered their flanks as well.  Our deployment, from left to right was Quizalbashi, Quizalbashi, Light Cavalry, Bowmen, Light Cavalry, Quizalbashi, Bowmen, CIC, Light Cavalry, Quizalbashi, Light Cavalry. Tahir ibn Husayn also ordered a Light Cavalry unit to probe along our right flank, and our wily Afgans to hide in the woods on that side as well.  He then ordered all our troops to wait to see what our enemy was about.
And it was wise that he did, for to our horror, and in defiance to Allah, our dreaded enemy had converted to Christianity!  Crosses adorned their shields and surcoats.  They even gave up the traditional garb of our people and dressed in a manner unsuitable for the desert.  At first, their deployment looked thin, which was probably a result of recent fight.  And the numbers of scouts was also light, but sufficient to prevent us from determining their true numbers.  From left to right they were deployed as follows.  Light Cavalry, Knights, Foot, Knights, Light Cavalry, Light Cavalry, Knights, Foot, Knights, Heavy Cavalry.
Our army performed a general advance, constrained by our orders, and initial bow fire from our troops reaped great harm upon our enemy, totally decimating two Light Cavalry units that just stood there. (double one’s on the counters) Conversion obviously had befuddled their wits. 
A winded Afghan came running with a report that enemy troops were pouring out of the woods on the our right flank, and they were advancing to meet them.  And pour they were, the enemy had filled the woods with their men, 3 banners were identified, and they charged the Afghans, who received the charges on the points of their spears, and pushed the enemy back.
Seeing our advantages in both position and numbers, Tahir started issuing orders to attack.  But fate was not with us that day, or Allah was feeling merciful to the infidels, as orders to the left wing were never received until the sun went down.  (Both the Islamic CIC and one of the Subs had rolled “Incompetent”, -5 minutes per bound, and the left flank was out of signaling range)
Our left flank had done some damage via bow fire to the enemy, but it turned out that woods also teemed with the enemy, as yard long arrow shafts started emanating from its edge.  The Quizalbashi Generals, to fulfill Tahir’s grand plan ordered a general withdrawal before this unnatural rain.  Our enemy saw the time was right and began charging our lines, on the left, Knights attacked Bowmen, in the middle, our cavalry forces met, as did our Great General on the right flank.  Our Afghans, who were performing well against overwhelming numbers, were forced back, but emboldened, but yet another impetuous charge of our Quizalbashi’s against the enemy cavalry, as well as by the arrival of their brother Afghan’s.
The enemy knights cut through our bowmen like Turkish steel through a slave, and subsequently routed a light cavalry unit all the way to the muster zone.  Only to be cut off by our two withdrawing Quiazalbashi’s.  The same bowmen were then flanked and routed.  Martyrs to the cause.  Their brethren were made of sterner stuff and blithely dug up their stakes, and continued advancing.  In the center our forces routed the enemy knights, as well as on the right.  Their supporting foot unit shook, and was then routed by our Light Cavalry.  On the far right, our forces routed an enemy Cavalry unit, and then charged the Army Banner of the enemy General, catching him standing.  One of our Afgans was near exhaustion, but the other had a flank and sent one of the enemy foot units routing.  Victory was assured!
But then, more men were pouring out of the trees!  On the right, a unit left the woods to defend their General.  On the left another was revealed to follow up their victory on our hapless bowmen.
Our enemy fought bravely, but it was for naught.  Too many men were killed, and units gone, and the field was ours!
End result, 5-2 Persians.
To Ed’s credit, in all the major battles, his dice were totally flat.  One down 1, the rest even.  While my dice were hot,  a total of one down 1, some evens (not many)  the rest +2-+3.  while the non ‘A’s were rolling +2’s and even the ‘D’s were rolling up.

Persian forces
5 units 12 Quizalbashi’s, Irreg ‘A’ EHC, L,B, Sh
2 units of archers, Irreg ‘D’ LMI, B
2 units of Afghans Irreg ‘B’ LMI
5 units of Light Cavalry, Irreg ‘C’

Teutonic Knights
5 units of SHK
1 unit of HC
2 units of Colonists HI, 2HCT, Pa
1 unit of Longbow
6 units of LMI, JLS, Sh

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