Wednesday, October 26, 2011

AAR (sort of) Quips and Comments

Earlier this week Ed's Anglo Normans meet my "Classic" Indians in a 15mmm game, using the latest deployment rules to be used at Historicon.

This won't be a blow by blow AAR, but instead will just cover the conversation highlights.

"Ok, my unreliable Ally makes an interpretation roll of a 3, and my unreliable Sub rolls a 1."

Up 3!, So my longbow hits you at a 2, -1 for shieldwall.  That is 24 @ 4 for 72, for how many figures?”
“Oh, so you take only 1 CPF.”

“The Allied elephant rolls an up 2, his javelin men roll a down 2, and your axe men roll a plus 3.”
“Actually that is a plus 2.”
“Your axe men are D’s?  Hutzpah!”

“Sheesh, elephants are disordered by brush.  How long have I been playing this game?”

“Usually, when I do 150 casualties to a unit, it is destroyed, not pushing me back!”

“You are broke Phil.” 
“How so?”
“I did 216 casualties to you, that’s 5cpf.”
“Well you still need 84 more for 2-1 then.”

“OK, we both have 14 fatigue, and we each hit for a 5, +3 for shield less, -2 for shaken – 2 for disordered, and -1 for tired.  I have 20 figures, you have 24, but yours are D’s and mine are C’s.  So whoever rolls down is destroyed, and the other guy sits there exhausted. “

“Let’s count them up, I’ll give you my CIC, since he is disordered and in retreat, he’ll break on contact anyway.”

In the end, it was about 1022 -540, Ed’s favor.

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