Wednesday, October 26, 2011

AAR FOG: Scots vs Sassanid Persian

The wily Scots were at it again, but with England proving to be too difficult a nut to crack, they decided to go for easier pickings.  They commissioned the QE0 to take them to Ireland, but the captain got lost, or there was a hurricane, or maybe sun spots, but they eventually landed in sunny Basra.  Just in time, for the whiskey had just run out.

The local Potentate took offense as the unwashed barbarians pulled ashore.  After all, he had his own unwashed peasants to feed without adding more, and summoned his bouncers.

The Scots took on the usual formation, deploying from horizon to horizon, while the Potentate deployed with all of his Heavy Cavalry on the left flank, leaving the lights to guard the right and middle. 

The approach to contact was long.  Probably due to both sides chatting incessantly and frequent referrals to the rule book.  Eventually, 2 Heavy Cavalry Bow met the Scots right wing and let fly with their arrows.  The remaining 5 units of Heavy Cavalry were hung up in some farmer’s field.  He must have been planting pumpkins or some other vine like produce.  But it was enough as the Scots Spear Degraded, Fragmented, and fled, despite an attempt for light infantry to take some of the damage.  Meanwhile, 3 more Heavy Cavalry Bow finally navigated the hazards of the verge and stationed themselves in front of a unit of Islemen and let fly.

The Islemen shot back, and charged.  The Heavy Cavalry, who have not seen combat this decade, had forgotten how to skirmish (being in two ranks) and had to fight.  Despite not having an impact weapon, but having an armor advantage, they managed to fragment the Islemen, which then routed along with their brothers.  Subsequent cohesion checks also degraded a center position spear unit. 

The Scots position was hopeless, with their right flank gone, the center turned, and the left chasing smoke.  It was now time to ATTACK!  They pushed, shot, and charged, and the Sassanids couldn’t stop them.  They plundered the Sassanid camp, while the Scots camp proved to be an impenetrable of maze of empty whiskey kegs. 

The game ended there.  The center formations managed to forge a Gordian knot where NO ONE could charge without receiving an interception charge. 

The Potentate agreed to refill the kegs with the local wine, and the Scots agreed to find greener pastures, which, considering this was a desert, could be anywhere.

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