Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Polearm Stats


I had to update my Combat Calculator to include changes for Polearms to now get a plus 1 bonus when winning a fight, like with 2 Handed Weapon.  But the difference is Polearms get a plus 1 bonus against non-elephant mounted as well.  While heavy sword gets a wins ties benefit against spear. 

There was also an observation that Heavy Sword, Polearm, Missile Support is now the best unit of the game. 

So it’s Saturday Morning, raining, I have had my first cupa coffee this morning, and Kozcon is more than a month away (April 13), so I don’t need to pull together my Scots Isles army in 25’s just yet. 

My code is largely data driven, so adding a new class for Polearm, missile support was no big deal.  Then tracking down the code exception for the +1 v mounted wasn’t hard to find and remarked it out. 

Then do about 8,000 test runs of 2 Handed Weapon v Pole arm to see if they are now equal results.  50% +/- 2%, check.

Baseline results:

Polearm v Heavy Spear:  55/45.  Sounds right as Polearm now gets +1 on winning.

2 Handed Weapon v Heavy Spear: 66/33.  Also right, as 2 Handed Weapon wins ties as well as +1 on winning.

Against Knights, assuming foot are receiving:

2 Handed Weapon v Knights: 58/41.  Sounds right as Knight armor is irrelevant, and Knights only take 3 hits.

Polearm v Knights:  66/33  Also right, as Polearm is an additional +1 on contact.

2 Handed Weapon v Knights, Impact: 41/58.  Knights now have Impact and Furious Charge

Polearm v Knights, Impact:  47/52. 

Of note, Furious Charge is a factor in 59% of the 2HW fights, but just 45% in the Polearm fights.

Now we add missile support.

Polearm Missile support v Knight: 71/29.   If Knights are Elite, then 54/47.


Polearm Missile support v Knight, Impact: 61/39, a huge change from 47/52 without missile support.  If Knights are Elite, then 43/57.

Polearm Missile support v 2 Handed weapon:  51/49, Seems odd that this is so close. Missile support was a factor in 410 fights out of 1,000, meaning it’s factor was applied on a loss in the first round.  But overall, the 2HW bonus was applied about the same number of times for both sides.

Polearm Missile support v Heavy Spear: 60/40

Polearm Missile support v Pike: 30/70    


Medium Sword, Polearm, because  I have an Early Swiss army

vs PK, Polearm win just 20%, if Polearm is elite, 30%

vs heavy sword  48%, if Polearm is elite, 67%

Heavy Spear 48%, if Polearm is elite,67%

knight 31%, if Polearm is elite,42%

Knight Impact 19%, if Polearm is elite, 33%

Heavy Cav 51%,     if Polearm is elite,66%

Heavy Cav, Impact  48%, if Polearm is elite, 64%

Medium Sword  52%, if Polearm is elite, 70%





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