Sunday, March 26, 2023

A Question on Wheeling

A Headless Body Production

Game System:  L' Art de la Guerre.

A question concerning wheeling columns.

When a long column makes a wheel, do the rear most units gain extra movement?


 In the above example is a group consisting of 6 units of heavy infantry.


If the group makes a 90 degree wheel, and no further, the front element moves 1.5 UD by definition in the rules.

The rear unit's front left corner moves in excess of 5.5 UD's  

Does this mean the group cannot make this maneuver if 6 deep?


 If it cannot make this turn, then how deep is allowed to make a 90 degree wheel.

 In the above example, we have a column that is 2 deep can make the wheel, the rear most element moving less than 2.


 With a  1  3 column the rear most unit will move more than 2.

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  1. I would say normal movement restrictions apply. What if the unit is 8 deep, or 10 deep? At some stage it would get ridiculous.