Monday, June 3, 2019

Bedlam 2, Round 3, Greeks vs. Gauls

A Headless Body Production

Location:  Dave's House
Event:        Bedlam 2!  Classical Period, Indians need not apply!
Players:     Phil Gardocki, playing Hellenistic Greek
                         John Smith playing Gallic

Game System: L'Art de la Guerre, about 200 points per side.

Scenario:The theme was "Classical", which worked out fine for me, as I am running Hellenistic Greeks in the upcoming Mid Atlantic Team Tourney this year.  So I regard this as an opportunity for tuning up.  The condemnation of the Indian list is due to the upcoming tourney at Historicon this year, "Silk Road", where Elephants should be butting heads regularly. 

The Forces:The Achaean League, Commanders Larry(competent), Darryl (also competent) and Darryl (also competent).
     10 Pike, 4 Mediocre
       3 Hoplites, Heavy Infantry, Spear
       2 Light Infantry Bow
       4 Light Infantry Javelin
       2 Horsemen, Heavy Cavalry, impact
       4 Light Cavalry, Javelin
       Break point 25

The Gauls have warriors beyond counting.
Breakpoint around 26.

The Greeks win the initiative and elect to attack in the plains. 


The Pavllë River, in the shadow of the Mourgana mountains.  Saturday.

All the terrain fell on the side of the Gauls.

Lots of chariots for flank guards.

The main phalanx is heavily weighted left, in anticipation of attacks from that side.

The smaller phalanx is ready intercept the expected cavalry on this area.
The remaining cavalry command is running on a flank march.

The Gauls have all the terrain, but are also all heavy swordsmen and impetuous.  Maybe they can be caught before they can exit the fields.

The smaller phalanx is eager to engage the chariots, and has enough command points for a triple march.
An ambush is revealed!  4 units of medium sword were hiding behind the hill.
The rest of the Gallic warriors march in an orderly fashion, and are preparing to strike heavily the Greek left flank.  The Chariots preemptively surrender the left flank to the expected flank march.

 Turn 2:
 The flank march roll is a 5, and will arrive next turn.
The pike march to the fields edge.  Lights are redeploying to support the flank operations.

With no one to fight, and the flank march coming on, the smaller phalanx turns for a march behind the lines.
For the Gauls move much faster than anyone could expect.

The Gauls accept the line up as is.  Tying down the left side of the phalanx while the mass of warriors wrap around. 

The Chariots decide to turn and fight as well.
 Turn 3:
Pikes lowered for assault, but the results are 2-1 in favor of the Gauls

Darryl's cavalry arrives.  2 Heavy Impact horse, and 4 lights.
Gallic mediums close the gap.
Already, a taxis of pike has fallen, but so to a Gallic warband.
I had expected the pike to hold on longer, to get the Hoplites into play, but instead one of them is disordered by the rout.
Turn 4:
The Hoplites come in anyway, and win the impact.  Adjacent to them, the Pike disperse a warband.
Darryl orders a charge against the chariots. 

The result is a pair of wins.
At the crucial pivot point, the Hoplites are charged by a warband, and in a 6-1 die roll, are destroyed on contact.

The Gauls vacate the field.  So where are 3 pike units to go?
I think this is called not thinking it through.  It will take forever to turn those pike around.
The cavalry battle has been reduced to the tinking of swords.
The Greeks have 6 points towards their demoralization level of 25
The Gauls have 9 points towards their demoralization level of 26
Turn 5:

A pike flanks a warband, but another pike is about to receive a flank charge as well.  Some of Darryl's pike are almost in position to attack.

Darryl's cavalry trade kills.  While his lights take an opportunity for flank shots.
Another pike falls unmarked.

Gallic warbands charge Darryl's newly arrived pike, winning 2 of 3 battles.
The Greeks have 14 points towards their demoralization level of 25
The Gauls have 12 points towards their demoralization level of 26

Turn 6:

Both Darryl and his opposing General are all in on this combat.  Darryl wins the fight, and slays his unnamed Gallic commander.
Larry's pike turn to face their enemy.  Darryl's light horse in the field, their distraction complete, breaks off.
Darryl's pike destroy another warband
Badly outnumbered, Darryl's heavy cavalry fights on.
Impetuous warbands charge in unsupported, and are rebuffed.
A warband destroys one of Darryl's pike units.
The Greeks have 15 points towards their demoralization level of 25
The Gauls have 21 points towards their demoralization level of 26
Turn 7:
Another Gallic chariot is destroyed.
Pike expand, and destroy a warband.
The Gallic warbands are fragmented against an ever more coherent foe
Darryl's pike turn and disorder another warband.
The River Pavlle runs red with Greek blood, 24 points worth

Add to that the blood of 26 units of Gauls.
While the score dictated a win for the Greeks, they have nothing to brag about except a bit of luck when needed.  Outnumbered cavalry with a general took on his opponent for a win, and a General killed was good for 3 extra points, and enough for the win.  Otherwise, to charge the pike forward in the vein hope they would destroy before they were flanked was a non starter.  Part of that was motivated by the flank march.  The Gallic Cavalry had the advantage there and the pike advanced to support them.  It was a miracle that Darryl's horse did as well as it did.

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