Saturday, April 2, 2016

Liebfraumilch and Swiss Cheese

A Headless Body Production
Location: Lancaster Host Convention Center
Event:      Cold Wars 2106
Venue:     L'Art de la Guerre Medieval Theme, Round 2.
Players:   Phil Gardocki, Swiss, list 220, year 1400.
                 Allen Kaplan, Teutonic Knights
Game:      L'Art de la Guerre, 200 points
Description: A battle report between Early Swiss and Teutonic Knights.

Then Teutonic Knights won the initiative toss and elected to defend in the plains.  Then to make things worse, all the terrain rolled on the Knights side of the board, creating nothing but openness on the Swiss side.  But the Swiss had a back up plan for that.  They their left most battle on in the center of the board, and deployed their fortifications.  Their largest command, some 8 Halberdier units was the right flank, and a battle of 4 Halberdiers and 2 Light Horse was sent on a flank march.

The view from the Swiss Center.  With all those Knights looking at fortifications and crossbow, the Teutonic commander is not looking happy.

The view on the Swiss right. 

Two old friends meet and chat.
Turn 1:
The Swiss flank march fails to arrive.
The Swiss send their skirmish line forward, lets see if that ambush is real.

Oh it is very real! *
The Cavalry charges, one crossbow gets away, the other elects to fight.  The cavalry is lured closer to the waiting halberdiers.  The Teutonic's really want to get that Light Infantry out of the way and sends their general to the front line.

Turn 2:
The Swiss flank march fails to arrive.
The Knights on the Swiss left continue to move carefully forward, but all the action is against the Teut's 'B' team.

The main Swiss force splits its numbers into two groups of 4, one group to overwhelm the Heavy Cavalry, the other to face off against the spear units, against which Halberds have an advantage, winning all ties. But the fight stars poorly, getting one tie, and taking a hit.

And in the Teutonic's turn they kill a halberdier flanking another.,
Turn 3:
The Swiss flank march fails to arrive.

For facing the Teut's weaker forces, the Swiss are doing very poorly.  The match-up against the spear is not going well, with a Halberdier taking a hit.  Also the main Swiss command is well split up, allowing the Teut's quantity advantage to show.

It is Medium Foot Sword against LMI Crossbow, and still the Swiss score no hits.

And the Heavy Cavalry flank another unit.

The knights are standing by, just in case they are needed.  But as the Swiss line is turned here as well that is not likely.

The Teutonic Spearman score a kill here as well.
Turn 4:
The Swiss flank march succeeds.  It is too little, too late, and what I didn't know was this meant it will come on turn 5!  Even later. 

At this point the Swiss surrendered.  The main battle was flanked everywhere and would be killed, yielding 20 of the 23 points necessary.  But with the the flank march still off the board, the army break point was actually 17.

 *Since the game I have found out that you cannot hide cavalry units in a field.  But since I came in 3rd to last in they tournament, I don't think it would have changed my standing much.

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