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Timurids Invade Poland!

A Headless Body Production

Tepanec: Ed Bernhard
Polish :    Phil Gardocki
Game System:  Warrior, 1600 points
Venue:  Phil's Basement

CnC  4 SHC, 3 EHC
2 Sub Generals -  4 SHC, 3 EHC
2 uints of 6 HC, L,B,Sh
3 - units of 8 LC, B
3 - units of 4 LC, B
1 unit of 3 Elephants
1 unit of 48 ID, MI, B
4 units of  16 LMI, 1HCW, B, Sh

5 units of 6 Knights Knights (including CIC and Sub)
1 unit of 12 Knights Knights
2 units of 12 Lithuanian Light Cavalry
1 unit of 12 Wallachian Light Cavalry
2 units of 4 Tarter Light Cavalry
1 unit of 6 Heavy Cavalry (Lithuanian Sub General)
3 units of 6 Crossbow Cavalry
1 unit of 18 Foot Bowmen

This is a practice round in preparation for Historicon.  Ed brought down his Timurids to face my new Polish Army.

The Board:
        There was a hill with steep sides on the left flank of the Poles, and a rise on the right.  The Timurids had a woods in their deployment area.

Poles on the left, Timurids on the right.  Far off hill has a steep edge on the edge of the table side. 
Lithuanian Command (2 LC, HC) is parked on the far hill facing 5 LC units, LMI, and an Elephant.  Main Polish Body is facing MI, LMI, 3 Mixed Cataphact EHC units, and several LC.

      I deployed my Lithuanians on the far left.  Two units of B class LC backed by their HC general can delay most commands, and possibly exploit some advantage.  The main body, 5 Knight units, 2 HC crossbow and a Wallachian LC.  My grand plan was to smash the 48 man bow unit, and then exploit any shakes that occur.  Ed's plan (I think) was to absorb the charges, and countercharge.


Close up of the Polish Main line.  From left to right, Knights Zielony i Ugier, Sub General, Tarter LC, Knights Pointa z Lanca, HC Crossbow and Knights Zielony i Czerwony.

Lithuanians on the far left.  Facing Mongol Cavalry, Foot Bow, Heavy Cavalry and just peeking on the right, Elephants.

The Tarters, left side, take the bow hit, as Knights Pointa z Lanca lines up for the charge.

Bound 1:
     My Lithuanian command went unreliable, and so took up defensive positons on the left flank hill with wait orders.
The Tarters running with the Knights Pointa z Lanca distracted the bow fire allowing the knights to come in unharmed, recoiling the large MI block.  Knowing how well the Timurids menauver, the Wallachians, charged 3 units, which will put the Mongol 90 degree turn games off till bound 3.

Which goes off as planned.

And on my right, the Wallachians chase off 3 Light Cavalry units.  If they had more support I could have run them into the woods.

Medium Cavalry Crossbow and the Knights Zielony i Ugier patiently wait for a shake.

Bound 2:
     On the left flank, the Timurids continued to carefully advance, but were somewhat stymied by the steep hill.  The engaged Knights Pointa z Lanca continued to push back the block of bow, which passed its waver check.  The Wallachians rallied back and so had a lot of room to watch and react to.  The 18 man LMI B unit took up shooting positions for anything that clears the crest of the rise on the right flank.

Bound 3:
     Order changes were sent to the Lithuanians, which arrived and were accepted.  But in reality, with the way Ed had them under pressure from the combined Regular Cavalry on the flanks, and Infantry supported by Elephants, only "Delay" would have been suitable.  I was starting to extradite them from the corner, before they were trapped. 

The Knights Pointa z Lanca continued to push back their bow unit, which did shake.  Realizing that the potential break was still in the future, I committed the Knights Zielony i Czerwony to assault one of the many 16 man LMI B units, and caught it.  The Knights Czerwony a Blekit were committed to a charge to chase away HC Skirmishers. 
 Knights Pointa z Lanca continued to push back their bow unit, Knights Czerwony a Blekit charge skirmishers, while Knights Zielony i Czerwony run down an LMI unit. 

      Bound 4:
            The Lithuanian command continued to try to extradite itself from the left corner.  I brought forward the Medium Cavalry Crossbow to distract archers from the Knights Zielony i Ugier.  The Medium Cavalry took 15cpf, and became the walking dead.  The  Knights Pointa z Lanca continued to push back their bow unit, which passed its waver and stuck around. 

Which, unfortunately was on the Crossbow :)

 Bound 5.
                 Finally,  The Knights Pointa z Lanca route their opponents.  On LMI bow unit failed it's waver check.  I commited my Sub General to charge another LMI unit, which evaded, and lead to a Cataphract on Knight head on charge.  The knights won by a smidgen, and recoiled the Cats, but Ed had plenty of support, while my support units were running out of steam. 

Bound 5: General on General action near the center.  Routing MI to the right. 

Bound 4? 5?.  Either way the hill defenses have collapsed.  The large LC unit was run off of the board, but the remainder of the command managed to get away.

 Bount 6:
        My Sub General charged the Timurid Sub, recoiling him.  The Timurids were not quite ready with a countercharge in the flank of the Sub.  Most of my smaller units, the Tarters, and Crossbow Cavalry have been shot to exhaustion, and are potential routs.

Bound 6.  Doing 5 casualties to 1, my Sub General opted to burst through  Hitting the already shaken LMI Bow unit.

Bound 7, My Sub routed the LMI, but were exhausted in the process.  The Timurid CIC charged Sub destroying it.

You will have to trust me, there was a cavalry unit next to the elephants.

Final round (bound 8? 9?)  The Polish main command had totally turned the Timurid middle.  Facing down both the Timurid Camp, and CIC.  But the Pol's were out of steam.  The Knights Pointa z Lanca couldn't charge without exhausting himself, (and taking the command into retirement) while my CIC was facing elephants.  We called here, with a final tally of Polish Lose, 5-3 .

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