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Tang Chinese Face the Anglo-Irish

Live, from Lancaster, it's Cold Wars!

A Headless Body Production
Location:  Lancaster Host Convention Center
Event:       Cold Wars
Venue:     2014 Mini
Players:    Phil Gardocki, Anglo Irish (Pronounced "the Ravening Hordes from Hell")
                 Rich Kroupa, Táng (Pronounced Tong or Dang) Chinese
Game:      Warrior, 1200 points

Tang Chinese (this is from memory and subject to correction)

CIC 6 Reg 'B', EHC, L, B, Sh
1 Tibetan Sub  Irreg'B'/Irreg'C' 4 SHC, 3 MC L,B,Sh
2 Tibetan Cataphracts, Irreg'B'/Irreg'C' 4 SHC, 3 MC L,B,Sh
3 or so E or HC, L, B, Sh
2 Close order foot units or 24 MI, LTS or 2HCT, B, Sh.
2 Light Cavalry Reg 'C' LC, Jls, Bow, Sh
1 Bowmen, 16 Reg'D', LI B

Anglo Irish
CIC 6 Irreg'B', HK/HC L Sh
Cautious Ally 6 Irreg'B', HK/HC L Sh
2 Galloglaich (Clans Ramsay, O'Lyre) Irreg'B', 32 HI, 2HCW, JLS, D
1 Bonnachts Irreg'C', 36 LMI, 2HCW, JLS, Sh
2 Longbow Reg 'D', 24 HI/MI LB Sh Stakes
1 Lights Irreg'C', 8 LC JLS, Sh
2 Kerns Irreg'C', 16 LI 1/2 S, 1/2 JLS, Sh

The Venue:
HMGS's Cold Wars, 2014 at the Lancaster Host Convention Center.  This is the first round of the Warrior Open Mini.

The Board:
Woods dominate both flanks of the board, presenting only about 2 foot of clear space in the center.  There are two hills on the right flank with steep bits, one in each deployment zone.

Picture taken from the position of the Anglo-Irish Right Flank. 

With my right flank secured by woods and a steep hill, I decided to dominate the center of the board with my Galloglaich and a Longbow unit.  The woods on my left I will invest with my Bonnachts, and on the right a Kern unit.  On the far right, I deployed the other Longbow unit on an angle so that nothing was going to slip by the edge without a shot, but in such a way that any units would have to go around the woods to get to them.  

The word is out about the Galloglaich, and no one wants to face them anymore.  The Tang place a skirmishing LC and an infantry unit in the center, another LC and an LI on the right, and the rest of the army on the left.
From left to right.  Longbow, Bonnacht, Galloglaich (Clan Ramsey), Longbow, Galloglaich (Clan O'Lyre), Kern.  The two Generals and the Light Cavalry form the reserve.  On the Tang side.  All the Tibetan Cataphracts, 1 Infantry on the left, 2 LC in the center.  Off the right edge, 3 EHC, another Infantry and a LI.

Tang Center
Tang left flank, lightly held, but then so is the Anglo right.

Bound 1:
Well, it is obvious what his plan is.  Richard is going to punch the left flank, then try to roll up the line.  As a mostly close order foot army, I don't have a lot or choice on how to respond.   

Anglo-Irish left flank.  Looking pretty weak.  I have a 100 point unit deployed against what looks like about 600 points.
Off course, looking at my center, I can see why he chose that path.  I have about 500 points arrayed against about 80.

On the unimportant side, I send in both Kerns.  Mainly on the hope I can catch and kill the Tang LI.  But also to draw-off the LC from the main battle line, which will allow me to redeploy Clan O'Lyre without interference.  

Clan Ramsey advances, supported by the Bonnachts in the woods.   If I can get the LC in dart range I can wreck it's day with 6 cpf.  12 if I roll well.  And hello, the Tang infantry is marching to the center?  Well that will keep the boyos around for sure. 
While the Tang pile all their reserves into the breech.  Including their camp!  Why?  Because they can.
The Anglo-Irish  Commander in Chief  and his Light Cavalry also are sent to the breech.  But not so close as to waver when the Longbow breaks, but enough to skirmish with the winners. 

Bound 2:
The Tang continue their advance on the left.  While keeping the center and right flanks uncommitted.  Not photographed well is the Bonnachts are turning left under cover of the woods.  It is a race of who can get their massive charge off first.  Also unphotographed is that Clan O'Lyre was pulled out of the line is reading itself to march to the left flank.

Things are a bit cat and mouse now.  The Tang want a massive charge, but the Longbow can really ruin his day if I can single out a unit for a 12@2 shot, causing 3cpf and disorder.  But in the end, no shots were fired.  The Tang Infantry would be the priority target, and if the Tang roll +1, the Longbow will take a waver check for shieldless infantry taking 2cpf.  With unsupported D's I would fail on a 1 to 4.

More silly stuff.  The usual.  Charge, Evade, then stuck for prompt points.

Bound 3:
     The maneuvering is over, and the pummeling will begin.
In the center, the Tang go for the soft kill.

The Tibetans are unmasked for the massive charge.  Superheavies against Heavy Infantry Longbow, behind stakes.  And still the Longbow hold fire.  The return fire could be 26 @ 3, or 65, and I don't need the disorder or the waver!

The Tibetan Cataphracts charge, and the Longbow respond.  From left to right, the Longbow roll missile fire rolls of +3, +2 and even.  The left Cataphract takes 6@5 for 24, impacting with a factor of Lance impetuous charging of 6/7 (the MC in the back) -2 for stakes, -3 for missile fire, -2/-1 for disorder, then rolls a -3 melee roll and breaks.  The second Cataphract fairs better and hits on the 2/3 chart for 12, while the last rolls in with only a down 1 from Longbow fire.  The final result is a cataphract routing, the remainder are tired, disordered and following up the disordered longbow.

Bound 4:
Anticipating difficulty, the Tang have another cavalry unit ready to follow up, charging the disordered Longbow in the flank.  Good thing too, as it managed to do about 60 casualties of the 72 required for a rout.  

Also on the far left there is a bit of Cat and Mouse between the 8 man unit of Irish LC and an HC unit.  HC charges and misses catching the LC by an inch.
Still approaching, but not wanting to commit after what happened on the left flank.

So what happened here?  The stakes show where the original Longbow unit was.  To the right are the Bonachts, which arrived in time to flank the right hand Tibetan General. The General routed when the Longbow did.  Causing the Tang CIC and the Infantry unit to shake.  At the bottom is the last Tibetan unit standing is still chasing the Longbow.
Bound 5:
     The Anglo Irish CIC arrives on the left and has a choice, to go for the left flank HC, or the pursuing HC. 
Irish CIC arrives on the left.
Decisions, decisions...

In the end the decision was made for him.  Rich made a mistake and countered his HC 4 clicks from the LC, to avoid being pelted by JLS.  But forgot they can charge 5 clicks, and they did.  Pushing the HC back disordered.  The Irish CIC took up a comfortable charge range and would decide on bound 6 where to charge.  Targets were everywhere.

End game.  It was called here on time.  The Tang had 3 routs and 3 shakes on the board to 1 rout, it was a 5-1 win for the Anglo-Irish.

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