Sunday, December 1, 2013

AAR Anglo-Irish vs Moldavians

Anglo-Irish World Tour, stopping off in Tetina to visit Moldovia.

A Headless Body Production
Location: Lancaster Host Convention Center
Event:      Fall In
Venue:     2013 Mini
Players:   Phil Gardocki, Anglo-Irish
                 Terry Dix, Moldavian
Game:      Warrior, 1200 points

I don't have the list.  Extra Heavy Cavalry supported by Light Cavalry and Light Infantry.

Anglo Irish
A Great CIC 6 Irreg'B', HK L Sh
An Unreliable Ally 6 Irreg'B', HK L Sh
2 Galloglaich (Clans Ramsay and O'Lyre) Irreg'B', 32 HI, 2HCW, JLS, D
1 Bonnachts Irreg'C', 36 LMI, 2HCW, JLS, Sh
2 Longbow Reg 'D', 16 MI LB Sh Stakes
1 Lights Irreg'C', 8 LC JLS, Sh
2 Kerns Irreg'C', 16 LI 1/2 S, 1/2 JLS, Sh

The Venue:
Fall In, 2013 at the Lancaster Host Convention Center.  This is the Third round of the Warrior Mini.
Terry Dix is subbing in for Scott McDonald with the Moldavians.  

The Board:
The left flank was dominated by large orchards, which are effectively woods you can see over.  It is clear all the way to the right flank.  The "major water" on the right is just marking the board edge and is not actually in play. 

The orchard on the left is an excellent piece for the Anglo-Irish to hang their left flank on.  The mostly cavalry army is not going to go in there to dislodge the Kerns I have deployed.  The rest of the Anglo-Irish line extends almost to the right side board edge.  

This tourney allowed Special Generals, and the CIC for the Anglo-Irish rolled a 2, a bleeder, making him more prone to disaster.

The left side of the line for the Anglo-Irish.  In the orchard are 12 Kerns of the 16 on the payroll, the others must be leaving early for the bar.  The large unit of LMI are the Bonnachts, this time deployed in shieldwall formation.  The unreliable Allied General is both covering their flank, and preventing anyone from trying to squeeze through around the flank.

Further down the line is a unit of 16 longbow, 32 Galloglaich of Clan Ramsay, 16 more longbow.  In the distance is 2 units of Light Cavalry, 2 units of Light Infantry and 5 units of Extra Heavy Cavalry.

And on the right, 32 figures of Galloglaich of Clan O'Lyre.  Faced by 2 more units of Light Cavalry.

Bound 1:
There quite a few missing Moldavians here.  So it looks like a whole command is on a flank march.  I am sure they are running on my right flank, as the orchard would bollox any attempt to turn the left flank. Since the Moldavians also have Mongol abilities, they can adjust their flank march rolls and come in early or later if they see fit.

The Anglo-Irish battle line advances, except for Clan O'Lyre, which compresses and wheels.

On the left side, the Kerns peek out of the orchard, stopping the flanking Mongol Light Cavalry.

Bound 2:
The Moldavian flank march failed to arrive.  The Moldavians don't have the numbers to cover the Anglo-Irish battleline, but tries to concentrate on the Anglo-Irish right flank with all their forces.
Facing nothing by Light Cavalry, the Bonnachts come out of shield wall.  They can't catch the LC, but they can make it run.

The Moldavian Extra Heavy Cavalry is not advancing hard, so I pushed the Longbow forward, its flanks covered by the Galloglaich clans Ramsay and O'Lyre.  Clan O'Lyre compresses further, and wheels a bit more.
Bound 3:
The Moldavians roll a 5 on the flank march.  The can come in on the right flank forward zone, OR, per the Mongol rules, they can delay arrival another turn.  They opted to come in bound 3.
Clan O'Lyre performs a 90 degree turn, and forms up 3 elements wide.  With Kern O'Lyre holding the edge, and infantry moving first, the Moldavians don't have much area to maneuver in.  They bring on 3 units of Extra Heavy Calvary and 3 units of Light Cavalry.

Clan O'Lyres flank may look open, but it really isn't. 

Clan Ramsay is well screened.   They don't want to enter that brush anyway.  Their darts however will cause the Light Infantry to recall.

Bonnachts begin to turn the flank of the Moldavian right.

End Game.   Two Light Cavalry units charge Kern O'Lyre.  The Kerns pass their waver and hold their ground. Two Extra Heavy Cavalry units charge Clan O'Lyre.  One cavalry is repulsed, while the other is broken outright.  One of the two Light Cavalry units shakes in response, and is then carried away by the routers.  The other Light Cavalry unit sees two routs and shakes, and is broken by the Kerns.  Those lights breaking caused the earlier repulsed EHC to break, taking the Moldavian General  and his command, with them.  The game was called here, a 5-0 win for the Anglo-Irish.

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